Bewicat Adult Poultry 10 kg


للقطط البالغة وبطعم الفراخ وحجم الحبه كبير

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Bewicat Adult Poultry 10 kg

Complete feed for cats The nutrient concentration in dry food is about 4 times as high as in wet food due to water removal. The feeding costs can be significantly reduced by the feeding of dry food. Dry food also has the advantage that the cat has the possibility to take small amounts of food daily, depending on the natural intake. The crispy croquettes have a cleaning effect on the teeth and the chewing activity strengthens the gums. BEWI CAT Adult is suitable for all adult cat breeds from the 12th month of life – for large cat breeds already from the 7th month of life. Product characteristics Tasty croquettes High proportion of chicken (at least 20%)Poultry fat with a high content of essential linoleic acid for shiny fur Without artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives No soy protein Natural vitamin E and rosemary to protect the fats from oxidation Taurine for the preservation of vision and cardiac activity Write a review on this product


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